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What Do We Do?

Our aim is to be an industry leading Defi platform where crypto investors are able to use our technology, tools and applications to safely make profitable investment decisions. Through our cutting edge “SuperRug Checker”, “SuperLP Tool”, buy and sell indicators and many more features, we hope to be your preferred resource to keep your portfolio safe and growing.

WhitepaperLite Paper$SDEX AuditAudit (Farming Contract)

Contract:  0x07920d32b3590b9f7665898a0fb298fd2059f88a   (Binance Smart Chain)

Ticker:  SDEX

Decimals:  9


The Problem

Current Decentralized Exchanges Are Outdated And Lack Features That Allow Investors To Invest Based Upon Informed Decisions. Need To Look At A Dozen Different Sites Before Deciding To Invest Into A Project? We Did Too. Not Anymore!


The Solution

SuperDex Is A “One Stop” Platform To Ensuring Projects You’re Considering Investing In Are Safe. In Addition, We Provide Enhanced Technology So You Can Make More Profitable Investments, More Consistently


Why SuperDex?

Our SuperDex Is Chalk Full Of Features That Can Have You Making More Sound Investment Decisions Quickly. And, We’re Always Adding New Features And Enhancements To Make Sure It Remains An Industry Leading Platform.

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Features of SuperDex Finance:

Pillar #1

Decentralized Finance (Defi) is at the very core of our project. It’s our mission to be THE platform that offers some of the most competitive and comprehensive choices when it comes to creating passive income.

Whether you’re staking assets, farming, using our leading swap platform, it’s our aim to provide robust options, the appropriate knowledge so you understand the risks and rewards and to create an ecosystem that is safe, user friendly and simple to use.

Pillar #2

Hi yield staking.  This is staking on steroids.  Not only will you be able to stake $SDEX, but you’ll be able to earn rewards on other tokens as well.  These project have been vetted to help minimize any chance of a rugpull, dev dump, etc (or any of the other shenanigans that unfortunately take place in this great industry).

Stake with confidence and earn great yield.

Safe Funds + Insane Yields = Happy Investors.  

Pillar #3

Auto Yield

With each transaction, there is a 12% tax that is assessed. Out of that, 4% is automatically redistributed to hodlers.

Simply put, your investment grows while you hodl. Nothing else is needed on your part. You don’t have to use a pool, a farm (although you can to further enhance your return!) or anything else – kick back, throw your feet up and watch the amount of coins you own increase – in direct proportion to the size of your holdings.

You’re likely familiar with the brut power of compounding (this is exactly how banks and financial institutions get filthy rich). Compounding is essentially starting with a fixed amount of money … and earning a fee (interest) on it.

Now, you’re able to reverse the role though.  Instead of you paying a fee, you’ll be on the receiving end and being rewarded well.

It quickly grows over time. Auto yield and auto compounding is no different. This token has BOTH of those essential “passive income” features ALREADY BUILT IN.

You’re truly allowing your money to work FOR YOU.

Auto Yield + Auto Compounding = A WIN FOR HOLDERS.

It’s the “secret sauce” for the vast majority of how wealth is created by the richest people on the planet.

Pillar #4

A 100% Unique Swapping Platform With Built In Features To Keep Your Funds Safe And To Increase Your Profits … 

Built from the ground floor by crypto lovers for crypto lovers.

Let’s be candid here … decentralized exchanges need an overhaul.  Most are outdated, provide little to no insight about the project itself, the amount of tokens in circulation, when wallets are being unlocked, relevant news, are there influencers pushing it … and the list goes on and on.

They’re aged and by and large, it’s outdated technology.  They can execute a trade and that’s about where it stops.  How many resources do you look at before investing in a project?

If you’re anything like us, that number is probably at least 15 different sources of information before being able to make an educated decision.

Disruptive Technology

What if you had a platform that notified you when a crypto influencer just uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel?  What if you were notified minutes or hours before there was a big marketing push that drove traffic to that video.

Would that give you an edge?  Of course it would … you’d be able to buy the token before others were exposed to the video. These are just a few examples of how we believe SuperDex is bringing a tremendous amount of value into crypto.

Some Of Our Partners

(being released soon!)

The SuperDex App

  • Buy, sell, swap, send and receive ANY token traded on Binance Smart Chain instantly and securely.
  • Advanced crypto trading tools at your fingertips (literally). Charts, token information, trade volume, and more … right there in a straightforward, user-friendly format.
  • SuperDex is a custom-designed, industry-leading decentralized exchange (DEX) designed by pros with the end-user in mind.
    Simply download and start using immediately. No training manual is necessary because of its simplicity. And no KYC restrictions or delays. Trade what you want, when you want, where you want.
  • Industry leading, world class security to keep your funds SAFE. With 2FA, military grade encryption and private keys that are never stored on our servers, you can feel confident your funds are secure.
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Coming Soon

Our Roadmap

This timeline details our project and development goals (please note; this is not
all inclusive and may change as the community and team deems needed).

  • August/September 2021

    » V.1 SuperDex goes live 
    » V.1 SuperFarming goes live
    » First charity donation (domestic abuse safe haven)
    » SuperDex development & additional features go live
    » Staking launched
    » Complete re-brand (website, social media, logos, etc)
    » Begin AMA’S

  • October-December 2021

    » Continued enhancements on SuperDex
    » New features to SuperSwap (alerts, liquidity checks, improved UI and more)
    » Big marketing and advertising push to wrap up 2021
    » Launch of SuperLending (lend your tokens/coins and earn yield)
    » Additional staking and farming options added
    » Another contract audit (the safety of your funds is our #1 priority)

  • Q1 2022

    » Continued enhancements to SuperDex, SuperSwap, SuperStake, SuperFarm and SuperLend
    » Live in-person workshops and conferences
    » Big partnership announcements
    » Marketing and advertising push
    » Stay tuned — BIG PLANS FOR 2022!

  • Q2 2022

    » New exchange added
    » SuperConsulting launches
    » SuperLaunch goes live
    » Website and social media updates & fresh look
    » SuperDex IU facelift and additional functionality added

Your SuperDex Team

Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen.

Terry Duff


Christina Nekho


“Coder” Paul

"Coder" Paul

“Magic” Moe

"Magic" Moe

Stay In The Know With Our Latest
Updates And Announcements

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